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What is File Extension DLM?

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Windows cannot open DLM files?
When Windows cannot determine which application to use to open this file format type, the cause could be:

  1. You do not have the appropriate program installed.
  2. You may have a registry related error.

We strongly recommend that you run a Instant Scan for related errors.

File Format Type: DLM

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Common File Extension Variations: dlm, DLM

Author: Autodesk, Inc., DLH.Net, Ilya P. Ryzhenkov, U.S. Census Bureau

"Files with the DLM extension signify a 3D graphic file created in the 3D Studio Max animation application. DLM files store 3D images used in rendering and map creation. The DLM files are accessed within the customized user interface that utilizes it's own scripting language. DLM files may be opened and edited with appropriate software applications.The DLM extension is also used to identify a ASCII delimited data file. The DLM files allow users to control data that is being transferred to a spreadsheet or database application. The DLM file extension is utilized in various text based application allowing for enhanced structuring and formatting.The DLM extension also identifies a link file created in the Dynamic Link Module (DLM) program. The DLM files support the linking of numerous modules during runtime. The DLM files function as a static linker that is launched at the execution stage of the application. DLM files permit the generation of source codes as though they were static links, and employs them without editing or adjusting.

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